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New obsessions

At the moment I read about 5-10 chapters of D.Gray man a day. If you haven't read it and you like manga then you should be ashamed. It's one of the greatest new manga's out there and deserves the spotlight. The art and story may remind you of Full Metal Alchemist at first, but I definately like DGM a lot more. The chracters are hilarious and the art is the greatest I've ever seen.

I'm sorta watching Naruto fillers now, I'm up to 149 and it's alright... not the best, but I heard the newest fillers are much better. I'll have to keep watching then.

And the last thing is that I like to watch this naruto ending theme 15 times a day because it rawks XD (note:click the little square underneath if you can't see a bigger square.)

My school makes a big deal of Halloween so much that we're allowed to dress up in school and there's even a contest. My first idea for a costume would be to use my blue/white kimono robe thing and wear my konoha headband. I'm trying to buy a straw hat since I like the idea, and I want to find some sort of japanese 'clog' here... which may be a little tough or expensive. It sounds like a fun idea, and if it comes successful I know my friends (who love naruto) will think it's hilarious XD

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