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I should honostly force myself to post here every so often.

Anyway, school and all its bountiful state tests are over for now, and that means.... possibility of posting art! That's right, the chance for me to actually draw something and post it up is fairly high around this time of year. (psst... www.twin-blade.deviantart.com )
I wanted to share a late birthday with my good buddy Luffy, (5/5) I appreciate all the times OnePiece made me laugh, and all of the crazy ifluences I get from it (usopp lunchbox anyone?) Besides being busy with schoolwork and painting crap in school, I'm also excited to go to Taiwan this summer for a month. Now that my interests have expanded I think I'll find a lot more things to buy when I'm there :)
I've also promised to bring back some things for friends, so it'll be great.

In other newsness, I've beaten Okami wii (and loved it) so I can't wait to play it all over again. I'm also just about ready to buy a wacom bamboo fun tablet, preferably in black or white, I don't want to rely on computer graphics to heavily... that's what I worry about the most. I appreciate certain types of computer art, but I'll probably just use the tablet for doodles rather than full pieces. I'm still interested in expanding on my art style and making something consistant out of it. I've really been doodling too much, but I've gotten some good ideas out of it, so when I'm not completely lazy I'll start to practice it. 

Recent things I've been interested in: 
Rewatching episodes of Hale nochi Guu and Samurai Champloo
- Buying the okami art book
- getting into tablet usage
- Listening to Majora's Mask soundtracks (nerdy... I know)
- Finding awesome artists on DA
- Continuing to read Katekyo Hitman Reborn without falling asleep
- Watching Gintama again (since no one seems to be translating comic chapters less than chp 110)

I'm starting to think the only way to gain quick hits on DA is to do a lot of fanart.... but of course my type of fanart involves disfiguring and making complete asses out of characters... I don't know if that will do well. I'll just continue doing some traditional work... I have no excuse to not draw anything over the summer.


Oh right... I got Kittens a few months ago... they just wanted to pop in and say hi


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