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Well, the days of Summer are winding down, and I'm just digging my grave deeper as I play too many videogames and use the computer way too much. I'm just going to mash a bunch of events together for this journal. 

My sister's birthday is in a week or so, and we're celebrating early before she leaves again. Her dog hunny is so awesome btw, a bit slow... but awesome.
On a side note my other sister brought her so called boyfriend over and he happened to see my zelda game cartridge and we briefly geek talked about how we liked Zelda games, then my sister brought down her SNES and played Mario Kart while being annoying and cursing at the tv... bleh I hate that, only I'm allowed to do that! I'm the youngest! XD

Anyway, I still need to preorder phantom hourglass, it's still set for Oct. 1st, so I'm getting pretty excited

I drew that! don't touch fiends!

Link is happy too. Zelda games are really the only ones I'll play since you don't die as harshly as in other classic game series like Mario. Let me explain, in Zelda you die and it's really no big deal since the whole level is a huge puzzle and can easily be navigated, and you have potions to prevent you from dying. Mario (which I absolutely dislike), you die and you have to suffer the pain of going through the annoying level again. At least I feel that way since I'm a loser in most games XD I'm constantly getting in fourth place in Mario Kart games when I play my friends hence my nickname (the fourth place loser).

Other then that, I may go bowling with my family tomorrow. Might as well since there isn't much else to do. I'm still waiting for what this "surprise" for my birthday is. My friends are setting something up and aren't telling me, buttheads XD
Nah, they're cool

I finished a long project of that  pixel ID for my DA account, it was fun while it lasted but I can't force myself to make another one.... oh yeah I beat Link's Awakening which is cool, I need to return it to my friend. I've felt pretty accomplished this week.  In other news we had our first tornado in history yesterday morning, not in my neighborhood but further north. It was pretty crazy, I woke up at 5:00 to hear loud thunder and see neon flashes of light through my window. I was too tired so I went back to sleep :P

Haven't mentioned any manga yet... so here we go, (it was coming).
For no apparent reason no one has translated Gintama chapters 42- to 80 something. So I've resorted back to watching 26 minute episodes of Gintama where I left off in the manga. I'm sorta disapointed. I just hope Gintama gets a little more popular, it would help a lot. I kinda forgot to continue reading Katekyo Hitman reborn! I thought the anime was just bs so I decided to read the faster, and usually more reliable manga. I forgot to read it anyway....

Well.... I guess that's all the blabbering for today. Rathman! AWAY!!!! *shoooom*

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