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Kintama! Just joking...

I'm really into this manga/anime called Gintama. It's the perfect mix of comedy and pretty cute storylines. Sometime the humor feels similar to Bobobobo (etc.) but makes a lot more sense and is a lot easier to follow. The main character Gintoki reminds me of Near from Death note, at least the hair does. I bought the first volume of the manga as a keepsake, just something to remember my obsession by in the future. Now I just read the manga online which is fine too since I can't afford to spend 8 dollars on manga each time a new volume comes out. I'm surprised how easy it is to draw Gintoki, I can draw him pretty well and maybe I should post up my doodles of him one day. I've decided to read the manga in bulk by volume and once I'm done with a volume I watch the anime version of it. It's a system I'm working out XD


Recently I've been buying a lot of art or character books. Either from the barnes and nobles by my school or at Kinokuniya, a japanese bookstore. So far I bought the Samurai champloo roman volume book which gives a synopsis of each episode and interviews/art etc. There's only one minor porblem with the book besides that I wasted 18 bucks on it.... episode 10 has a printing error and the synopsis of it is really that of a later episode. So the info for episode 10 is completely left out of the book, only the screenshots are correctly placed... no wonder it was the only one on the shelf. Also when I went to buy the book the guy at the counter said "This is a good anime" as he put the book into the bag... I thought it was funny *shrug*

I'm also interested in the Okami art book. I've never played the game before because I don't own a PS2 but I've watched trailers and video guides online and I love the art of the game. At first I was going to order the japanese version of the book online since it was at a pretty good price on amazon. I found out later that the english edition would be out July 25th or so, so I'm saving my money until that comes out. :)
ooooooooooo preeeeettttyyy

I'm going with my mom to the Japanese society building to watch Death Note 1 and Death note the last name. Those are the live action films. My mom is pretty interested in the series so I think it's a great opurtunity to get her to read the manga or something (It might just happen). We already bought the tickets and the director of the Last Name is "supposed" to be there even though I have no clue who the guy is or what his name is.

My sister came to visit for a few weeks and brought her dog Honey with her. Honey isn't the most playful or "talkative" dog but she's a really well behaved one, with the exception of pulling on the leash while walking her. She just sleeps and looks out the window all day, not much fun, but she's still a nice doggie. If I could find a picture I'd post it, she's golden and has wavy hair that was shortened a few months ago at the salon. She's a little smaller than medium size and is a terrier mix. She runs reeeally fast, almost faster than a Grayhound I can imagine. She's too cute XD

Other crud
That's about it, I have nothing more to say besides that I got a good end of the school year mark and I'm going to be volunteering 2 times a week this summer at the museum.

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