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Been a while

I haven't talked about anything in ages, no wonder my entries are always so long.

I'm really into Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi guu, it's an anime that's probably the funniest crap I've ever seen to this day, everything makes me want to laugh like crazy or go WTF. Guu is the cutest thing ever, especially when she goes "Punyaaa". *why does my english sound weird?*

Another new obsession would have to be Samurai Champloo, for some reason I just avoided it until last week, I already watched 19 episodes in 4 days so I'm making pretty good time. I'm already planning on buying a Mugen messenger bag. I'm also drawing a lot of doodles with Champloo. Too bad I was too young to watch Cowboy Bebop when it first came out (1998 I think), or else I would probably like that show also, since it's licensed now I can't watch it on youtube... and I'm too lazy to download anything. Watanabe is on my list of awesome japanese people right now. 

Though it's really strange, I like Mugen the best... even though I deeply hate him for being a slob and a womanizer he's just too awesome. First off I loooove that accent... I may be completely wrong and to not offend anyone... but is it like an Okinawan accent or.... I don't know! what is it!? Hirako Shinji from Bleach has it, Mugen has it, Jiraiya... and sometimes Urahara Kisuke has it... if you don't know then it's sorta like the really closed in accent where all the words go freely and a lot of tongue rolling and rrrrrr's, it's just so awesome. *crazy* Also he has an awesome face, his expressions are hilarious and he's just so much fun in all the episodes (the hash one and the undercover prostitute episodes were my favorite with Mugen).... hehe... he gets high and then in the other episode he gets bashed on the head with a pot and then gets kicked in the balls by the same woman XD
 Poor guy....

 A lot of people I know like Jin much more, the reason why I don't is because he reminds me too much of Ishida from Bleach (who I hate the guts of). Jin is too meh for my anime liking. Not to mention both of these guys remind me of Sasuke which is even worse.....

Oh yeah, I also bought the samurai champloo manga which even though I know it's not that great, I just wanted to feel like a fan. Yupppp.

Today was Margarita's birthday, I spent the weekend making her these little flash cards of inside jokes and also sewed a handmade doll, it's a poo doll with a smiley face (100% crap) and stuck pins in it so that she wouldn't be able to squish it muhahahaha. Joanna also brought some cake which she bought at 6:00 in the morning before school.... it was really sweet though, crazy nausiating sweet.... anyway XD

Right now we're doing watercolor in my art classes, in ceramics I made a replica of the Gust Jar from the legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.... it came out "ok"
I did really well for my second sememester marking period, my teachers are all pretty cool... so I'm not too worried..... should I be? Anyway life is pretty good... hopefully I can make it to Canada without any family problems.... Koopah!!!

Oh crud... I forgot!!! I got a NINTENDO WIIIIIIIIIII, my sister lives in the middle of no where in Texas and bought two wii's meaning to sell one on ebay for a profit, but I found out just in time from my other sister in Vermont that my sis in Texas may have had two of them. I called her and we made a deal, I bought it from her for $270 (with tax) and she threw in a free classic controller, my family loves Wii sports (score!) and I'm completely drowned in Zelda Twilight Princess madness, it's too good to be true... it's just such an awesome videogame!!!

Ok I'm done now :)

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