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Wii hunting

Ok here goes one of the most talkative entries I've had...

Oh yeah... sure sure... the canadians always get the wii, you know why? BECAUSE A NEIGHBOR THERE IS LIKE 15 MILES AWAY. I'm over exagerating, but seriously, living in New York, you don't get away with anything... Including getting a new console. It's only been about 7 weeks since the Nintendo wii came out, and yet some people are able to get it because they don't live in a crowded aread. My best bet is to get the wii in some weird town in California in a few weeks, maybe they'll have. Yeah, but anyway... the reason why I'm so spazzy is because I feel like by the time i get a wii 15 games I really want would have came out and I wouldn't have the money to buy any of them.I already have enough money for the wii itself and the legend of zelda twilight princess. Now that I've already decided I also wanted wario ware smooth moves, super smash bros. brawl, Lunar Knights, Final Fantasy III and Phantom Hourglass... it's pretty much impossible to afford all of that. Sometimes I wish I wasn't into videogames XD 

The not so sweet adventure
My first attempt to retrieve a wii was last week, I gathered up all my will power to ask a bestbuy clerk if they had any wii's in stock, knowing that my chances of obtaining one was slim to none, I got the usual... No sorry, we're sold out. The woman I asked looked sorta pissed, I soon found out after 3 or 4 guys walked up to her to ask the same thing I did, that she heard the same question all day... I should have known. I didn't have enough courage to ask when their next shipment would come, they'd probably just reply that they didn't know. During all of this at least 2 people i knew got a wii before I did, only because they live in a secluded area or they had no life and waited online for 10 hours during the release. I guess if i really wanted the wii so badly, I would've joined those idiots on the line. I'll wait at least until spring or until they sell the wii's online, whichever comes first. While I was at Bestbuy I battled the urge to buy Twilight Princess for the gamecube, they had both versions of the game available at the store, as well as Final Fantasy III for the DS. I decided not to buy any game until I get a friggin wii... I'm crazy, I know. 

What I've been up to: 

General Videogames
I've been able to keep myself alive during this sob story of my inabilities to get a wii by playing out some of my older videogames that I never bothered to beat... doing this helped me realize that I'd probably never beat them as long as I live. I tried Super mario sunshine again, I got a lot farther then I did a few years ago, which is great except I got stuck again... it's those stupid puzzle levels. My friend Joanna came over on Tuesday and played some video games with me. I rediscovered Sonic Adventure 2 battle (one of my favorite spaztastic games). The chao's are just too awesome to put away, when I got to the garden two of them began mating XD (it was the jester looking one and the normal dark one) They created a baby that sort of looked like it fell into a garbage bin (it was green and brown). I went through about a million trials playing the Prison Lane area to collect as many of those experience things for my Chao's. I managed to get enough to evolve a baby chao, I wanted it to be a neutral swimming type (since I didn't have one yet).... and you know what? IT BECAME A FREAKEN HERO TYPE SWIMMING CHAO, apparently I was doing something wrong, but in the end It was a good thing since I didn't have one of those kinds either. Sometimes those chao gardens make me feel like I'm watching over a hatchery... why do the bottom halves of the shell dissapear anyway? I should probably try to beat Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, once again its due to my laziness, the levels just take too darn long to beat, stupid strategy games XD.

The Legend of Zelda
I decided to play wind waker again, for years of procrastination I never bothered to beat it, i thought that i could finish all of the mini missions but found it to be troublesome, so now I have no choice but to kick Ganondorfs butt, but I'm too lazy. In Ocarina of time, I still need to be volvagia... another one of those too lazy to fight a boss moods. In Majora's mask I'm still wandering through the annoying great bay temple. In Minish Cap I'm trying to collect all of the figurines which is really tough due to the small amount of shells I can collect in one day, and then I have 1 more kinstone fusion that I can't find. In a link to the past.... acutally, I'm pretty ok in that, I just need to explore the dungeon a bit more. 

Fun and Comics/Anime crap
Luckily Jump Ultimate Stars has been keeping me busy, I've already beaten the game and got all the characters I ever wanted, now its a matter of getting gold crowns for each mission, the constant looking in the FAQ's is helpful, since the game is in all japanese... except for a few kanji I can read, the instructions are exactly helpful in the game. I also bought a Twilight Princess players guide, knowing that I'd fall to my doom when I get that game, so far I've only beaten one zelda game in my life... and it was one of the easiest ones, Minish Cap. Just last week I also got Death Note volume 9, it was a little dragged out, and unfortunately my friend Vita keeps ruining the ending for me *glares*, but it's ok. In Bleach I just completely skipped the fillers and started to watch from episode 110, with the vaizards and arrancar peeps... why are the arrancar so spanishy? Probably becauze TiteKubo likes his characters hot XD... inside joke... just ignore that. I've also caught up in the manga, which is kewl... except I'm constantly saying how stupid Orihime is and how weird Nell speaks, it isn't exactly easy to read. In Naruto i'm all on the wave, I read the new chapter each week and I'm staying away from the anime fillers... luckily there's only 2 weeks of fillers left. It's sorta strange that the timeskip arc is going to be Naruto Shiipuden or whatever. Kishi has sorta changed the story format, instead of just having all jutsu's now he has this whole intricate get up on elements and weird chakra things that people can suddenly do, it's nice to know that elements weren't even that much looked into until recently... sorta whack... but whatever. KAKUZU IS STILL THE BEST... I laughed when Hidan was beaten the hell out of by Shikamaru... oh joy. But I just know kakuzu will probably die soon anyway.... (you can take my heart if you want Kakuzu!) XD

Art and School
Ugh... new semester is starting in two days... I just hope I don't get crap teachers. I know I'll have 10 periods and Gym... which I'm ok with, but if I have a weird schedule and teachers then the days are going to be a lot longer. I'm going to miss some of my classes, they were nice while they lasted. I have to get an art case thing...... crap. Anyway, I've been working on the Ghosties comic with Joanna, I'm not sure what the actual title should be, or how long the comic surge I have will last... one page took 30 minutes... sort of painful XD. I'll just be doing the linart, background and inking, Joanna is supposed to do the colors and crap. I've been sorta obsessed with this Panda cult thing I invented, it has to do with Yondaime, young Kakashi and an upset Panda... check out my deviantart account if you don't know (twin-blade.deviantart.com), it's fun to do... but also really creepy... I'm getting a little too into it. I also wanted to work on some Ghostie/ Bleach character spoofs. That should be fun.

The End...

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