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Ok, lots of new stuff.... First off more about my adventure's finding the Nintendo Wii, some more stoof about Bleach and Naruto as well as some things about my holiday wish list.

I'm not as excited about the Wii now that the rush is over. I can wait a few months to get it, just in case there's a recall (and there is for the controller straps btw because some people got dislocated joints and black and blues from swinging the controller to crazily), or a new color comes out, or there's a special edition... something like that. I'm still trying to avoid Twilight Princess spoilers in the mean time. I have these on and off switches of if I should get the gcn TP and get a wii next year... or wait until I have enough money to buy both. Hopefully I can get at least 100-200 dollars this holiday, I'll have extra if that happens. The wii is cool and all, but I'm not desperate enough to wait on line for hours. My best bet is to get it maybe later spring time when they should have a good abundance of wii consoles. I know that after the holidays it's going to be twice as hard to get my hands on it.

Cartoony stuff:
I'm up to episode 46 of Bleach, I love this show! It never gets boring, unlike D gray man. The anime is really weird of D gray, all the action is boring and the cartoon's color is so saturated with black that I can't see what's going on unless Road's stripped legs are in the show. I may stop watching it since I lose interest in it halfway through the episode. Death note is another story, I like to watch it, even though there's barely and action scenes it's exciting. I've only read up to volume 8 of the manga where Near and Mellow show up, but it's all good. In the Naruto manga, it's pretty good. I like Kakzuzu a lot now, his whole ghost thing and stuff is awesome. Hidan could fall of a cliff for all I care...ahem, anyway.. my friend Angelica keeps spoiling the chapters. I never really have time to dl the newest chapters the day it's translated because of school work. But somehow Angelica can read them right away and the enxt day at school she tells me 3/4 of what happens.... plus we keep arguing about who's better, Hidan or Kakuzu XD.
<3 <3 <3

Well yesterday night was Hannukah, it was cool... my grandma was all senile but we had really good latkas for dinner. I had about 15 of them. Yum.... I didn't get any holiday money yet, but when I do I'll use it in my Wii bank XD.
I used 60 dollars out of the 150 i saved up on a new DS game in the meantime. it should keep me busy until i can get a Wii. It's called Jump Ultimate stars, a remake of Jump superstars. It has twice the amount of playable Shonen Jump characters. It's basically like a super smash bros game but with manga people. They have Deathnote and D gray characters too. It'll never come out in america due to all the licensing constrictions, so i'm importing the japanese version and it should come in the following week or so. Khari introduced it to me and I'm hooked, I want it so bad. Hoohah!

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