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Bleach (no, not tilex)

New obsession peeps!

Here's the story.
I picked up a volume of Bleach about 3 years ago at a bookstore. I skimmed through it and thought the artwork sucked (it was the first volume... so you may understand). I never really read the actual synopsis, which was dumb. As I was collecting Naruto volumes I noticed that Bleach already had twice as many volumes on the shelf, but I still avoided it. About a year ago, I joined a Naruto forum and notcied they also had a Bleach section, I knew I heard the name before. When I began to talk to some of my anime/manga/videogame peeps, they were all shocked that I never watched watched or read Bleach. I didn't know what the big deal was until my friend Kale showed me a funny clip on youtube where Ichigo was possessed by a Hollow and was laughing insanely. It was funny, and yet I still avoided the series. Once I got up to the filler on Naruto and around episode 160 I realized... why am I watching this crap. I was also watching the new anime's of D Gray man and Death note at the time, but because it only came out one a week I still had to suffer watching Naruto fillers and the part with the Curry shop of life...(can you say retarted). I got so fed up I decided to watch an episode of Bleach for the first time. Then I could feel a light at the end of the tunnel. I fell in love with the show so quickly I was watching at least 4-6 episodes a week.

My Instant favorite character became Urahara Kisuke(I have this fetish for characters who are lazy, perverted and quite tall that usually have light or abnormal colored hair.)
Urahara didn't appear too much until I got up to episode 20, I saw his sould slayer and everything It was so fraken awesome. I became too curious and read some spoilers about Urahar on wiki. I Began drawing different pictures of him at school and at home. It was definately obsession that was going on.

Me and my friend Joanna always hum the Bleach theme song (as well as sing the Deidara "Buff" song)We're both spazzy obsessors but that's ok! I'm so glad I'm watching Bleach rather than Naruto fillers. The Bleach storyline is very well written and it has a special humor that never gets old. Though I must admit I miss hearing "dattebayo" at the end of every sentence. But Ichigo's scowl is just as great. At the moment I'm watching episoe 22. I know it'll get really good (as people tell me). I even heard that the Bleach fillers are engaging as well.

I wanna buy an Urahara plushie to keepy my Kakashi-sensei doll company. I may want to dress up as a Shinigami for halloween sometime in the future. *joy* I think by the time I get toward episode 50 or higher of Bleach the Naruto fillers will be over, and I can enjoy smexy older Naruto. But right now, Bleach is my favorite anime. I only watch 5 anime's regularly anyway (Naruto, Bleach, D gray man, Deathnote, One piece).

BTW Gin reminds me of a muppet or something... that wide mouth...

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