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I should honostly force myself to post here every so often.

Anyway, school and all its bountiful state tests are over for now, and that means.... possibility of posting art! That's right, the chance for me to actually draw something and post it up is fairly high around this time of year. (psst... www.twin-blade.deviantart.com )
I wanted to share a late birthday with my good buddy Luffy, (5/5) I appreciate all the times OnePiece made me laugh, and all of the crazy ifluences I get from it (usopp lunchbox anyone?) Besides being busy with schoolwork and painting crap in school, I'm also excited to go to Taiwan this summer for a month. Now that my interests have expanded I think I'll find a lot more things to buy when I'm there :)
I've also promised to bring back some things for friends, so it'll be great.

In other newsness, I've beaten Okami wii (and loved it) so I can't wait to play it all over again. I'm also just about ready to buy a wacom bamboo fun tablet, preferably in black or white, I don't want to rely on computer graphics to heavily... that's what I worry about the most. I appreciate certain types of computer art, but I'll probably just use the tablet for doodles rather than full pieces. I'm still interested in expanding on my art style and making something consistant out of it. I've really been doodling too much, but I've gotten some good ideas out of it, so when I'm not completely lazy I'll start to practice it. 

Recent things I've been interested in: 
Rewatching episodes of Hale nochi Guu and Samurai Champloo
- Buying the okami art book
- getting into tablet usage
- Listening to Majora's Mask soundtracks (nerdy... I know)
- Finding awesome artists on DA
- Continuing to read Katekyo Hitman Reborn without falling asleep
- Watching Gintama again (since no one seems to be translating comic chapters less than chp 110)

I'm starting to think the only way to gain quick hits on DA is to do a lot of fanart.... but of course my type of fanart involves disfiguring and making complete asses out of characters... I don't know if that will do well. I'll just continue doing some traditional work... I have no excuse to not draw anything over the summer.


Oh right... I got Kittens a few months ago... they just wanted to pop in and say hi


Cookie Dough


Well, the days of Summer are winding down, and I'm just digging my grave deeper as I play too many videogames and use the computer way too much. I'm just going to mash a bunch of events together for this journal. 

My sister's birthday is in a week or so, and we're celebrating early before she leaves again. Her dog hunny is so awesome btw, a bit slow... but awesome.
On a side note my other sister brought her so called boyfriend over and he happened to see my zelda game cartridge and we briefly geek talked about how we liked Zelda games, then my sister brought down her SNES and played Mario Kart while being annoying and cursing at the tv... bleh I hate that, only I'm allowed to do that! I'm the youngest! XD

Anyway, I still need to preorder phantom hourglass, it's still set for Oct. 1st, so I'm getting pretty excited

I drew that! don't touch fiends!

Link is happy too. Zelda games are really the only ones I'll play since you don't die as harshly as in other classic game series like Mario. Let me explain, in Zelda you die and it's really no big deal since the whole level is a huge puzzle and can easily be navigated, and you have potions to prevent you from dying. Mario (which I absolutely dislike), you die and you have to suffer the pain of going through the annoying level again. At least I feel that way since I'm a loser in most games XD I'm constantly getting in fourth place in Mario Kart games when I play my friends hence my nickname (the fourth place loser).

Other then that, I may go bowling with my family tomorrow. Might as well since there isn't much else to do. I'm still waiting for what this "surprise" for my birthday is. My friends are setting something up and aren't telling me, buttheads XD
Nah, they're cool

I finished a long project of that  pixel ID for my DA account, it was fun while it lasted but I can't force myself to make another one.... oh yeah I beat Link's Awakening which is cool, I need to return it to my friend. I've felt pretty accomplished this week.  In other news we had our first tornado in history yesterday morning, not in my neighborhood but further north. It was pretty crazy, I woke up at 5:00 to hear loud thunder and see neon flashes of light through my window. I was too tired so I went back to sleep :P

Haven't mentioned any manga yet... so here we go, (it was coming).
For no apparent reason no one has translated Gintama chapters 42- to 80 something. So I've resorted back to watching 26 minute episodes of Gintama where I left off in the manga. I'm sorta disapointed. I just hope Gintama gets a little more popular, it would help a lot. I kinda forgot to continue reading Katekyo Hitman reborn! I thought the anime was just bs so I decided to read the faster, and usually more reliable manga. I forgot to read it anyway....

Well.... I guess that's all the blabbering for today. Rathman! AWAY!!!! *shoooom*


I got braces a few days ago, the first day it was fine, but now 2 days later it's sore... reeeeally sore. It feels like someone punched you in the face or your teeth are falling out kind of sore. I'll live... at leas that's what my orthodontist says XD

I didn't have to get them, but just so that my teeth aren't upside down and inversed in the future I'll correct them now. They say a year and a half is worth the wait with braces... it better be. Well, the top brackets are clear ceramic, they sorta look like little teeth It probably enhances my ability to scrap off meat from small children or something... those lil bones are hard to eat around. >_> Bottom braces are coming in a few weeks, for now they put in temporary rubber spacing between my molars in preparation, they're annoying... more annoying then the braces on top, seriously.

Other then the pain I have to endure... I'm ok. I'm glad I've been drawing at least 3 times a week, it's rare I draw at all any more. Having braces will only make me concentrate on my teeth so I haven't watched any anime in days... ah well, can't wait for the legend of zelda phantom hourglass.... I should probably preorder now. 0_o

Kintama! Just joking...

I'm really into this manga/anime called Gintama. It's the perfect mix of comedy and pretty cute storylines. Sometime the humor feels similar to Bobobobo (etc.) but makes a lot more sense and is a lot easier to follow. The main character Gintoki reminds me of Near from Death note, at least the hair does. I bought the first volume of the manga as a keepsake, just something to remember my obsession by in the future. Now I just read the manga online which is fine too since I can't afford to spend 8 dollars on manga each time a new volume comes out. I'm surprised how easy it is to draw Gintoki, I can draw him pretty well and maybe I should post up my doodles of him one day. I've decided to read the manga in bulk by volume and once I'm done with a volume I watch the anime version of it. It's a system I'm working out XD


Recently I've been buying a lot of art or character books. Either from the barnes and nobles by my school or at Kinokuniya, a japanese bookstore. So far I bought the Samurai champloo roman volume book which gives a synopsis of each episode and interviews/art etc. There's only one minor porblem with the book besides that I wasted 18 bucks on it.... episode 10 has a printing error and the synopsis of it is really that of a later episode. So the info for episode 10 is completely left out of the book, only the screenshots are correctly placed... no wonder it was the only one on the shelf. Also when I went to buy the book the guy at the counter said "This is a good anime" as he put the book into the bag... I thought it was funny *shrug*

I'm also interested in the Okami art book. I've never played the game before because I don't own a PS2 but I've watched trailers and video guides online and I love the art of the game. At first I was going to order the japanese version of the book online since it was at a pretty good price on amazon. I found out later that the english edition would be out July 25th or so, so I'm saving my money until that comes out. :)
ooooooooooo preeeeettttyyy

I'm going with my mom to the Japanese society building to watch Death Note 1 and Death note the last name. Those are the live action films. My mom is pretty interested in the series so I think it's a great opurtunity to get her to read the manga or something (It might just happen). We already bought the tickets and the director of the Last Name is "supposed" to be there even though I have no clue who the guy is or what his name is.

My sister came to visit for a few weeks and brought her dog Honey with her. Honey isn't the most playful or "talkative" dog but she's a really well behaved one, with the exception of pulling on the leash while walking her. She just sleeps and looks out the window all day, not much fun, but she's still a nice doggie. If I could find a picture I'd post it, she's golden and has wavy hair that was shortened a few months ago at the salon. She's a little smaller than medium size and is a terrier mix. She runs reeeally fast, almost faster than a Grayhound I can imagine. She's too cute XD

Other crud
That's about it, I have nothing more to say besides that I got a good end of the school year mark and I'm going to be volunteering 2 times a week this summer at the museum.

Been a while

I haven't talked about anything in ages, no wonder my entries are always so long.

I'm really into Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi guu, it's an anime that's probably the funniest crap I've ever seen to this day, everything makes me want to laugh like crazy or go WTF. Guu is the cutest thing ever, especially when she goes "Punyaaa". *why does my english sound weird?*

Another new obsession would have to be Samurai Champloo, for some reason I just avoided it until last week, I already watched 19 episodes in 4 days so I'm making pretty good time. I'm already planning on buying a Mugen messenger bag. I'm also drawing a lot of doodles with Champloo. Too bad I was too young to watch Cowboy Bebop when it first came out (1998 I think), or else I would probably like that show also, since it's licensed now I can't watch it on youtube... and I'm too lazy to download anything. Watanabe is on my list of awesome japanese people right now. 

Though it's really strange, I like Mugen the best... even though I deeply hate him for being a slob and a womanizer he's just too awesome. First off I loooove that accent... I may be completely wrong and to not offend anyone... but is it like an Okinawan accent or.... I don't know! what is it!? Hirako Shinji from Bleach has it, Mugen has it, Jiraiya... and sometimes Urahara Kisuke has it... if you don't know then it's sorta like the really closed in accent where all the words go freely and a lot of tongue rolling and rrrrrr's, it's just so awesome. *crazy* Also he has an awesome face, his expressions are hilarious and he's just so much fun in all the episodes (the hash one and the undercover prostitute episodes were my favorite with Mugen).... hehe... he gets high and then in the other episode he gets bashed on the head with a pot and then gets kicked in the balls by the same woman XD
 Poor guy....

 A lot of people I know like Jin much more, the reason why I don't is because he reminds me too much of Ishida from Bleach (who I hate the guts of). Jin is too meh for my anime liking. Not to mention both of these guys remind me of Sasuke which is even worse.....

Oh yeah, I also bought the samurai champloo manga which even though I know it's not that great, I just wanted to feel like a fan. Yupppp.

Today was Margarita's birthday, I spent the weekend making her these little flash cards of inside jokes and also sewed a handmade doll, it's a poo doll with a smiley face (100% crap) and stuck pins in it so that she wouldn't be able to squish it muhahahaha. Joanna also brought some cake which she bought at 6:00 in the morning before school.... it was really sweet though, crazy nausiating sweet.... anyway XD

Right now we're doing watercolor in my art classes, in ceramics I made a replica of the Gust Jar from the legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.... it came out "ok"
I did really well for my second sememester marking period, my teachers are all pretty cool... so I'm not too worried..... should I be? Anyway life is pretty good... hopefully I can make it to Canada without any family problems.... Koopah!!!

Oh crud... I forgot!!! I got a NINTENDO WIIIIIIIIIII, my sister lives in the middle of no where in Texas and bought two wii's meaning to sell one on ebay for a profit, but I found out just in time from my other sister in Vermont that my sis in Texas may have had two of them. I called her and we made a deal, I bought it from her for $270 (with tax) and she threw in a free classic controller, my family loves Wii sports (score!) and I'm completely drowned in Zelda Twilight Princess madness, it's too good to be true... it's just such an awesome videogame!!!

Ok I'm done now :)

Wii hunting

Ok here goes one of the most talkative entries I've had...

Oh yeah... sure sure... the canadians always get the wii, you know why? BECAUSE A NEIGHBOR THERE IS LIKE 15 MILES AWAY. I'm over exagerating, but seriously, living in New York, you don't get away with anything... Including getting a new console. It's only been about 7 weeks since the Nintendo wii came out, and yet some people are able to get it because they don't live in a crowded aread. My best bet is to get the wii in some weird town in California in a few weeks, maybe they'll have. Yeah, but anyway... the reason why I'm so spazzy is because I feel like by the time i get a wii 15 games I really want would have came out and I wouldn't have the money to buy any of them.I already have enough money for the wii itself and the legend of zelda twilight princess. Now that I've already decided I also wanted wario ware smooth moves, super smash bros. brawl, Lunar Knights, Final Fantasy III and Phantom Hourglass... it's pretty much impossible to afford all of that. Sometimes I wish I wasn't into videogames XD 

The not so sweet adventure
My first attempt to retrieve a wii was last week, I gathered up all my will power to ask a bestbuy clerk if they had any wii's in stock, knowing that my chances of obtaining one was slim to none, I got the usual... No sorry, we're sold out. The woman I asked looked sorta pissed, I soon found out after 3 or 4 guys walked up to her to ask the same thing I did, that she heard the same question all day... I should have known. I didn't have enough courage to ask when their next shipment would come, they'd probably just reply that they didn't know. During all of this at least 2 people i knew got a wii before I did, only because they live in a secluded area or they had no life and waited online for 10 hours during the release. I guess if i really wanted the wii so badly, I would've joined those idiots on the line. I'll wait at least until spring or until they sell the wii's online, whichever comes first. While I was at Bestbuy I battled the urge to buy Twilight Princess for the gamecube, they had both versions of the game available at the store, as well as Final Fantasy III for the DS. I decided not to buy any game until I get a friggin wii... I'm crazy, I know. 

What I've been up to: 

General Videogames
I've been able to keep myself alive during this sob story of my inabilities to get a wii by playing out some of my older videogames that I never bothered to beat... doing this helped me realize that I'd probably never beat them as long as I live. I tried Super mario sunshine again, I got a lot farther then I did a few years ago, which is great except I got stuck again... it's those stupid puzzle levels. My friend Joanna came over on Tuesday and played some video games with me. I rediscovered Sonic Adventure 2 battle (one of my favorite spaztastic games). The chao's are just too awesome to put away, when I got to the garden two of them began mating XD (it was the jester looking one and the normal dark one) They created a baby that sort of looked like it fell into a garbage bin (it was green and brown). I went through about a million trials playing the Prison Lane area to collect as many of those experience things for my Chao's. I managed to get enough to evolve a baby chao, I wanted it to be a neutral swimming type (since I didn't have one yet).... and you know what? IT BECAME A FREAKEN HERO TYPE SWIMMING CHAO, apparently I was doing something wrong, but in the end It was a good thing since I didn't have one of those kinds either. Sometimes those chao gardens make me feel like I'm watching over a hatchery... why do the bottom halves of the shell dissapear anyway? I should probably try to beat Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, once again its due to my laziness, the levels just take too darn long to beat, stupid strategy games XD.

The Legend of Zelda
I decided to play wind waker again, for years of procrastination I never bothered to beat it, i thought that i could finish all of the mini missions but found it to be troublesome, so now I have no choice but to kick Ganondorfs butt, but I'm too lazy. In Ocarina of time, I still need to be volvagia... another one of those too lazy to fight a boss moods. In Majora's mask I'm still wandering through the annoying great bay temple. In Minish Cap I'm trying to collect all of the figurines which is really tough due to the small amount of shells I can collect in one day, and then I have 1 more kinstone fusion that I can't find. In a link to the past.... acutally, I'm pretty ok in that, I just need to explore the dungeon a bit more. 

Fun and Comics/Anime crap
Luckily Jump Ultimate Stars has been keeping me busy, I've already beaten the game and got all the characters I ever wanted, now its a matter of getting gold crowns for each mission, the constant looking in the FAQ's is helpful, since the game is in all japanese... except for a few kanji I can read, the instructions are exactly helpful in the game. I also bought a Twilight Princess players guide, knowing that I'd fall to my doom when I get that game, so far I've only beaten one zelda game in my life... and it was one of the easiest ones, Minish Cap. Just last week I also got Death Note volume 9, it was a little dragged out, and unfortunately my friend Vita keeps ruining the ending for me *glares*, but it's ok. In Bleach I just completely skipped the fillers and started to watch from episode 110, with the vaizards and arrancar peeps... why are the arrancar so spanishy? Probably becauze TiteKubo likes his characters hot XD... inside joke... just ignore that. I've also caught up in the manga, which is kewl... except I'm constantly saying how stupid Orihime is and how weird Nell speaks, it isn't exactly easy to read. In Naruto i'm all on the wave, I read the new chapter each week and I'm staying away from the anime fillers... luckily there's only 2 weeks of fillers left. It's sorta strange that the timeskip arc is going to be Naruto Shiipuden or whatever. Kishi has sorta changed the story format, instead of just having all jutsu's now he has this whole intricate get up on elements and weird chakra things that people can suddenly do, it's nice to know that elements weren't even that much looked into until recently... sorta whack... but whatever. KAKUZU IS STILL THE BEST... I laughed when Hidan was beaten the hell out of by Shikamaru... oh joy. But I just know kakuzu will probably die soon anyway.... (you can take my heart if you want Kakuzu!) XD

Art and School
Ugh... new semester is starting in two days... I just hope I don't get crap teachers. I know I'll have 10 periods and Gym... which I'm ok with, but if I have a weird schedule and teachers then the days are going to be a lot longer. I'm going to miss some of my classes, they were nice while they lasted. I have to get an art case thing...... crap. Anyway, I've been working on the Ghosties comic with Joanna, I'm not sure what the actual title should be, or how long the comic surge I have will last... one page took 30 minutes... sort of painful XD. I'll just be doing the linart, background and inking, Joanna is supposed to do the colors and crap. I've been sorta obsessed with this Panda cult thing I invented, it has to do with Yondaime, young Kakashi and an upset Panda... check out my deviantart account if you don't know (twin-blade.deviantart.com), it's fun to do... but also really creepy... I'm getting a little too into it. I also wanted to work on some Ghostie/ Bleach character spoofs. That should be fun.

The End...


Ok, lots of new stuff.... First off more about my adventure's finding the Nintendo Wii, some more stoof about Bleach and Naruto as well as some things about my holiday wish list.

I'm not as excited about the Wii now that the rush is over. I can wait a few months to get it, just in case there's a recall (and there is for the controller straps btw because some people got dislocated joints and black and blues from swinging the controller to crazily), or a new color comes out, or there's a special edition... something like that. I'm still trying to avoid Twilight Princess spoilers in the mean time. I have these on and off switches of if I should get the gcn TP and get a wii next year... or wait until I have enough money to buy both. Hopefully I can get at least 100-200 dollars this holiday, I'll have extra if that happens. The wii is cool and all, but I'm not desperate enough to wait on line for hours. My best bet is to get it maybe later spring time when they should have a good abundance of wii consoles. I know that after the holidays it's going to be twice as hard to get my hands on it.

Cartoony stuff:
I'm up to episode 46 of Bleach, I love this show! It never gets boring, unlike D gray man. The anime is really weird of D gray, all the action is boring and the cartoon's color is so saturated with black that I can't see what's going on unless Road's stripped legs are in the show. I may stop watching it since I lose interest in it halfway through the episode. Death note is another story, I like to watch it, even though there's barely and action scenes it's exciting. I've only read up to volume 8 of the manga where Near and Mellow show up, but it's all good. In the Naruto manga, it's pretty good. I like Kakzuzu a lot now, his whole ghost thing and stuff is awesome. Hidan could fall of a cliff for all I care...ahem, anyway.. my friend Angelica keeps spoiling the chapters. I never really have time to dl the newest chapters the day it's translated because of school work. But somehow Angelica can read them right away and the enxt day at school she tells me 3/4 of what happens.... plus we keep arguing about who's better, Hidan or Kakuzu XD.
<3 <3 <3

Well yesterday night was Hannukah, it was cool... my grandma was all senile but we had really good latkas for dinner. I had about 15 of them. Yum.... I didn't get any holiday money yet, but when I do I'll use it in my Wii bank XD.
I used 60 dollars out of the 150 i saved up on a new DS game in the meantime. it should keep me busy until i can get a Wii. It's called Jump Ultimate stars, a remake of Jump superstars. It has twice the amount of playable Shonen Jump characters. It's basically like a super smash bros game but with manga people. They have Deathnote and D gray characters too. It'll never come out in america due to all the licensing constrictions, so i'm importing the japanese version and it should come in the following week or so. Khari introduced it to me and I'm hooked, I want it so bad. Hoohah!

Bleach (no, not tilex)

New obsession peeps!

Here's the story.
I picked up a volume of Bleach about 3 years ago at a bookstore. I skimmed through it and thought the artwork sucked (it was the first volume... so you may understand). I never really read the actual synopsis, which was dumb. As I was collecting Naruto volumes I noticed that Bleach already had twice as many volumes on the shelf, but I still avoided it. About a year ago, I joined a Naruto forum and notcied they also had a Bleach section, I knew I heard the name before. When I began to talk to some of my anime/manga/videogame peeps, they were all shocked that I never watched watched or read Bleach. I didn't know what the big deal was until my friend Kale showed me a funny clip on youtube where Ichigo was possessed by a Hollow and was laughing insanely. It was funny, and yet I still avoided the series. Once I got up to the filler on Naruto and around episode 160 I realized... why am I watching this crap. I was also watching the new anime's of D Gray man and Death note at the time, but because it only came out one a week I still had to suffer watching Naruto fillers and the part with the Curry shop of life...(can you say retarted). I got so fed up I decided to watch an episode of Bleach for the first time. Then I could feel a light at the end of the tunnel. I fell in love with the show so quickly I was watching at least 4-6 episodes a week.

My Instant favorite character became Urahara Kisuke(I have this fetish for characters who are lazy, perverted and quite tall that usually have light or abnormal colored hair.)
Urahara didn't appear too much until I got up to episode 20, I saw his sould slayer and everything It was so fraken awesome. I became too curious and read some spoilers about Urahar on wiki. I Began drawing different pictures of him at school and at home. It was definately obsession that was going on.

Me and my friend Joanna always hum the Bleach theme song (as well as sing the Deidara "Buff" song)We're both spazzy obsessors but that's ok! I'm so glad I'm watching Bleach rather than Naruto fillers. The Bleach storyline is very well written and it has a special humor that never gets old. Though I must admit I miss hearing "dattebayo" at the end of every sentence. But Ichigo's scowl is just as great. At the moment I'm watching episoe 22. I know it'll get really good (as people tell me). I even heard that the Bleach fillers are engaging as well.

I wanna buy an Urahara plushie to keepy my Kakashi-sensei doll company. I may want to dress up as a Shinigami for halloween sometime in the future. *joy* I think by the time I get toward episode 50 or higher of Bleach the Naruto fillers will be over, and I can enjoy smexy older Naruto. But right now, Bleach is my favorite anime. I only watch 5 anime's regularly anyway (Naruto, Bleach, D gray man, Deathnote, One piece).

BTW Gin reminds me of a muppet or something... that wide mouth...

New hypes

First Hype:
The legend of Zelda: Twilight princess
I was just reading some posts on a Zelda forum, when I got all spazzy. I read about the new information that was released. What I was most excited for was that the goron's and zora's will be in this game and that there are new weapons. Like the Spinec which is a rotating platform and the ball and chain which can break through walls. It sounds so awesome and I'm all crazy from the news! XD

on a lighter note...
Second hype:
Death Note has gotten quite good, even though in the manga I'm only up to volume 7, I started to watch the anime. It looks good and is much faster than the chapters. I found this site http://www.deathgod.org, for Death note stuff... I took a character quiz and I got

Third hype
D gray man has also been cool, I'm falling behind in the manga, i'm about 36 chapters behind. I'm also watching the anime, the animation is very good, but the scenes are too dark, especially on youtube and sometimes I can't see what's going on.

Foruth hype
I'm currently on Naruto episode 160, I need to catch up before the fillers end, I want t see the timeskip in anime form the exact day it comes out.... hopefully I can watch 40+ episodes by the time it comes out. In the manga I'm pretty much on time, i read the chapters the week it comes out. I like the new style Kishi has, it's much clearer, but sometimes seems too simple and just doesn't have as much detail and action as before.

The end :)

New obsessions

At the moment I read about 5-10 chapters of D.Gray man a day. If you haven't read it and you like manga then you should be ashamed. It's one of the greatest new manga's out there and deserves the spotlight. The art and story may remind you of Full Metal Alchemist at first, but I definately like DGM a lot more. The chracters are hilarious and the art is the greatest I've ever seen.

I'm sorta watching Naruto fillers now, I'm up to 149 and it's alright... not the best, but I heard the newest fillers are much better. I'll have to keep watching then.

And the last thing is that I like to watch this naruto ending theme 15 times a day because it rawks XD (note:click the little square underneath if you can't see a bigger square.)

My school makes a big deal of Halloween so much that we're allowed to dress up in school and there's even a contest. My first idea for a costume would be to use my blue/white kimono robe thing and wear my konoha headband. I'm trying to buy a straw hat since I like the idea, and I want to find some sort of japanese 'clog' here... which may be a little tough or expensive. It sounds like a fun idea, and if it comes successful I know my friends (who love naruto) will think it's hilarious XD

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